Past Projects

Production Club

Production Club is a design and logistics studio that creates unique experiences based on music and technology. I consulted on design, coding, and a few other organizational processes.

Menlo Avenue

Menlo Avenue builds custom software and applications for businesses in LA. Our apps have a global reach of 27+ countries.

Bel Air Investment Advisors

Bel Air helps clients who have $20+ million to invest. I was one of two Analysts at the firm, which meant I created all the portfolio analysis, business development, and financial modeling projects for over $2 billion in assets. I played with lots of numbers and worked alongside the smartest people I've ever met.

Egmont Royal Institute

Egmont is a European Union policy think tank based in Brussels. I wrote briefs that detailed international responses to events happening in North Africa during the Arab Spring. I worked in an environment where 3 languages were spoken, read about 5 newspapers a day, and learned that working through your lunch break is considered weird in Belgium.

People In Need

People in Need is an education reform NGO in Prague. I helped this organization compile research on the economic impact of early childhood education programs in various western countries. It was my first experience working internationally, and my first time seeing the inner workings of an NGO.


The best four years of my life.